You can provide rewards of your choice for your kids based on their good behaviors and motivate them to do more good deeds.


In our application, we provide you with an easy control panel for more efficiency when using the application.


As a user, you can add or remove behaviors or rewards based on your choice and set the points that suit your way of dealing with your children and views.


A child from his/her device access them own dashboard and see their evaluation and the rewards assigned to them.


You can review and ask for weekly or monthly report for each child added to the application for better understanding of the child's behavior to work more on the good behaviors and notify parents on the bad ones.


Children are able to see their daily evaluation and orders which will create a healthy competition inside the family.


Ibraheem Alzuhaimeel


Ahmed Alshamrani

Testahel CEO

Testahel Board

Suliman Alromikhan

Head of Operation at Allamar Food Company

Ibrahim Alsuhaibani

Head of Operation at Allamar Food Company

Arwa Albelaihed

Administrative and has a Bachelor Degree in Global MBA

Dr. Mansour Alharthi

Saudi Certified Psychiatric Physician and interested in Child Psychiatry.

Abdullah Alburaidi

Marketing Manager at OceanX



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Frequently Asked Questions

The account ID number is used and linked to the children's eligibility.

You find the ID in an app that is eligible. Illustrative image

Adding a child is done by clicking the plus sign at the bottom of the app. Image caption:

The age must be from 3 to 15 years old.

To edit the name or age, first select the desired child and then click the exclamation point at the top right, then click the Edit Child icon. Photo Caption: