Parents, teachers and nannies

  • Helps manage daily tasks and evaluate kids behavior Evaluate behaviors with points and then exchange them to rewards to motivate your kid
  • Setting goals to be achieved step by step
  • Daily, weekly and monthly summary
  • Motivating the acquisition of new skills and setting goals to achieve them


  • Helps him acquire desirable habits that lead to right habits such as honesty and integrity
  • Discipline and enhance self-control
  • Consolidation of the constants
  • Enhance and develop the child's skills
  • He can follow up on his evaluation through the Testahel Kids App


  • Redeem points for virtual rewards or gifts from Testahel Store
  • Choose a special reward for each child
  • Kids can choose a specific reward from the wish list in their app and sends it to the parents app
  • Determining a specific reward for the kid in exchange for a certain number of points motivates him to discipline to obtain them


An in-app store that contains many digital gift cards, educational games and game center coupons


As a user, you can add or remove behaviors or rewards based on your choice and set the points that suit your way of dealing with your children and views.


kids from his/her device can access their own dashboard and see their evaluation and the rewards assigned to them.


You can review and ask for a weekly or monthly report for each child added to the application for better understanding of the child's behavior to work more on the good behaviors and notify parents on the bad ones.


Children are able to see their daily evaluation and orders which will create a healthy competition inside the family.


In our application, we provide you with an easy control panel for more efficiency when using the application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ID number is used to link the account in Kids application to the parents application. it is located on the main page of the application as shown.

Click on the (+) sign at the bottom of the app's home screen as shown.

The age must be from 3 to 15 years old.

Select the kid and then click on the exclamation icon at the top of the page and then click on the edit icon as shown.

Select the kid and then click on the exclamation icon at the top of the page and then click on the reset icon (two overlapping arrows) as shown.

From the statistics icon, choose the share sign at the top of the page as shown.

Drag the reward to the left and click the delete sign as shown.

E-Cards and Game Center Vouchers: you will receive it immediately on the registered email in the app or through an SMS message. or for from the orders icon in the app. Educational toys: The delivery time is determined based on the selected city and all details appear in the order details.

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